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Tag #248


Sire: The Genera

Dam: Gert X Maine

DOB: 11/15



Tag #365


Sire: Here I AM

Dam: Donor 251 (Joe B. X Mighty Mouse)

DOB: 10/26


Big bodied, big hipped, and HAIRY. VERY gentle.

Tag #784


Sire: Kill Shot (Brangus)

Dam: I Am Legend Donor

DOB: 12/15


Very attractive, great rib shape, and muscular.  Very gentle.  He is the one on the far left in the creep feeder picture.

Tag #378


Sire: Otis (Mighty Mouse Grandson)

Dam: Brangus X Braunvieh

DOB: 12/18


Super sound, big bodied, and muscular Simbrah prospect.

Tag #787


Sire: Kill Shot (Brangus)

Dam: I Am Legend Donor

DOB: 12/2


Long fronted and big boned.  Great Brangus prospect.

Tag #253


Sire: Red Bug (Chigger son out of a Mighty Mouse Daughter)

Dam: Tycoon X Brahman X

DOB: 11/26


A super sound, very attractive Simbrah  prospect with worlds of muscle.

Tag #3


Sire: Otis

Dam: Joe B. daughter X Maine

DOB: 1/10


One of the “greener” calves in the set, but one we think will be one of the better steers on show day.

Tag #3107


Sire: Western Hauler

Dam: Meyer X Angus

DOB: 11/2


A big bodied steer with great rib shape.  Tons of muscle and “Yak” hair.  He combines all this we a real sound skeleton.  He is gentle, halter broke, and ready to show!!

Tag #7


Sire: Quietus (Brangus)

Dam: Chigger daughter

DOB: 12/4


Huge bone and foot.  Great bodied, sound and plenty muscle.

Tag #3241


Sire: Fu Man Chu

Dam: Maine X Simmy

DOB: 11/2


This guy has a great look and the right kind of muscle design. Watch his video and see the soundness and “presence” he has. He is halter broke and ready to show!!!!

Tag #241


Sire: Otis

Dam: Mighty Mouse daughter

DOB: 8/10


An older steer that is very complete.  Huge top and butt.  Big bodied and sound.  Dallas prospect or Heavy Wt. Simbrah at San Antonio.

Tag #974


Sire: Reg. Hereford

Dam: Reg. Bahman

DOB: 12/13


A really nice Brahman prospects that has all the right pieces.  He is level made, extremely sound footed, balanced and has the right type of muscle design.  Also, he is very gentle.

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